Saturday, February 4, 2012

Pit Bull pride

Yesterday I witnessed what the power of facebook can do. I joked that it can be used for the power of good or evil. Also I made mention that in this particular case it was used for good. It's unlikely anyone in the Pit Bull world (and many that aren't) are not aware of what has gone down in the last day or so. In case though anyone has missed it I'll give you all a quick recap with out all the needless ramblings and drama.

McDonald's (yes that's right the one and only) decided to release a radio ad that ended up being a major bad idea on their part. In this they were trying to advertise their new McBites. Apparently after recent public relations nightmares about their current nuggets (no doubt thanks mainly to the wonderful world wide web) they felt the need to be 'creative'. In that need like most that find themselves desperate for a way out or a scapegoat they found one. Sure they probably thought it was a tongue in cheek ad campaign, one that people would find amusing. One group in particular did not find the humor in this said ad. Instead they spread it like wildfire and within a matter of perhaps minutes it went viral. The topic flooded the walls. Why was this frenzy taking place? Simple really. One little word. Yes that's right one little word. 'Pit Bull' (then again that's probably considered two words) In the ad they compared things that were risky. They made a point of saying that trying their new nuggets was less risky then 'petting a stray pit bull'. (All they needed to do is replace the sentence with the word dog - not target a specific type of dog.) To say Pit Bull owners, lovers, and advocates were upset is probably the understatement of the century. Soon as the information about this went viral McDonald's phones were ringing off the hooks. Within only a few hours the phone lines were tied up to the point that there was 'technical difficulties.' (Ya think!?)

By the end of the day McDonald's had issued their Public Relations apology. Unfortunately for them I'd say the nightmare had just begun and it was a little too late. After all there's an ongoing mantra among us Pit Bull lovers - you should be more worried about us then our dogs. That rang true all night long and into the next day. Pit Bull pages, rescue groups, owners, fans, friends (you get the idea) got together and showed just how they felt about the situation.

The famous Pit Bull rescue and advocacy group BAD RAP made it a project for all of us to get together and show just how we felt. Pictures were taken of our 'stray Pit Bulls' and just what our dogs (and we thought) of the advertisement that aired. It was amazing to see the outpouring of love and a feel of being united against a common enemy. Pit Bull Pride for sure.

What happens after this? Looks like it's in McDonald's court now. Many are talking boycotting. Others are talking of using this as a step up in the right direction and having McDonald's repay what they did to us by joining us. They want McDonald's to help promote the breed. After all what better opportunity? You have a name that everyone knows. They have many connections and outlets. However, many don't feel that they'll take the proverbial ball and run with it. Guess we give it time and see what comes of this entire situation.  

Until then we can be happy and pet our stray Pit Bulls and know that by combining forces we showed just how much Pit Bull Pride we have.