Monday, November 5, 2012

Every Pit Bull

I truly believe this... I will work as hard as possible to fulfill this...

Saturday, June 16, 2012

Haters gonna hate

When I started this blog it was my intention to be mainly about my Passion For Pibbles. Hence that is the name of the blog after all.  However, after the incident that I endured tonight I found the need to write this. I apologize if it's off topic a bit. Though it's still Pit Bull related.
Tonight not only was a good friend of mine openly bashed, slandered, accused of of things she hasn't done I was also attacked. This person doesn't have one shred of proof. She'll rant and rave. She'll go on about how she has proof yet all she does is share outdated articles that have absolutely nothing to do with the points she is trying to make with her attacks. Then just because I wouldn't fall for her antics she decided to keep rambling on and on. When I still wouldn't listen to her lies and drama she turned on. Not only did she tell me to 'beware' (sounds like a threat to me) but she also accused me of taking money that my friendly supposedly got scamming manner. Yes that's right the most honest person you'll meet supposedly has a scam going on. Yes the person that stands up for Pit Bulls each day and tries to help when and where I can. Apparently I'm taking money that I know is being stole from others in a scam. Since when did writing about a fundraiser for a dog in need make me the guilty party? She acts like it's some thing that we have going on. Well I hate it to break it to you woman but we (among several others) are only trying to help raise funds for a dog that was in the care of a 'rescue.'

If you want to attack and go after a scam artist go after the people that allowed this beautiful dog to get so bad. The rescue that now has her in their care can use all the help they can get to nurse this dog back to health. Instead of accusing those of us trying to help reach a goal focus your time and energy on the ones truly doing wrong. For your information I have not and will not make one dime off this. Get your facts straight before you start accusing. Get your 'proof' in something besides a bunch of outdated links and people you claim will tell me whatever you pretend is the truth.

If there's truly a lawsuit or investigation then you shouldn't even be talking about it, especially on the internet. Another point that should be made is just because it's the internet doesn't mean that it's still not harassment, slander, and drama that's uncalled for. Cyber bullying has become quite a big deal lately. I'd suggest that you take that into consideration. Whatever issues you have with my friends you need to take it up in private. You need not to include every single person they do or do not know online. There's plenty of sheep out there that will follow the word of someone they think knows what they're talking about. Sorry but I am not a sheep. I'm not one to listen to another's bad mouthing of someone. I give everyone a chance to prove their own merit. Until I have reason not to trust you then you're all on the same playing field. Unlike my Pit Bull and the Pit Bulls you HATE (yes I know all about the hate you have towards our dogs) I do not forgive easily.

Let it be known this will be the last of this entire situation. Anything else gets said or done towards me on this topic then I'll be contacting some people and having a report started. I've got all the proof I need of your slander and bullying. I'd suggest you move on and work on this hate you have for your family and anyone that associates with them. Really life is too short to waste time on this drama.

Personally I don't have time to babysit my blog, defend my friends, defend myself, and do rescue work all at the same time. I've dealt with enough hates within my Passion For Pibble group. Haters and drama seekers that are no longer with us. The time I waste dealing with anti Pit Bull people and those with some twisted agenda pulls me away from the things I need to do.

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Buy an awesome shirt and support awesome cause

When you're in the rescue world (especially with Pit Bulls) you see some horrendous things. However, when the very people that should be the 'rescuers' are allowing these horrendous things to happen to a innocent love-a-bull dog who protects those dogs? The answer thankfully in this case is another rescue. Luckily for this beautiful girl she happened to be in the right place at the right time. My dear friend and fellow Pit Bull lover, owner, and adovcate Angie Mongelli was at Woofstock 2012 this past weekend in New York and was witness to this situation. Now she is making a generous donation towards the cause. For every Romeo's Paws For A Cause' Woofstock Pit Bull shirt that's bought a portion of the proceeds is being donated to the 'Modified K9' that rescued Clara in her time of need. This poor girl has a long road ahead of her but thanks to some very loving wonderful people she has a chance.
This is Clara (as we now call her - new name for a new life) 

Clara's Story... 
(information taken from Modified's facebook page) 
   Clara is a very unexpected addition to the mk9 program & family. mk9 board member Karen came across Miss Clara at yesterdays event. She was tied to a tree with a rescue that is located on Albany Post Road Montrose, NY.
   What caught Karen's attention was the condition Clara was in. Very much under weight, nails so long they were starting to curl, sores on both paws that are infected and the smell that came off the dog was just horrible. There were pieces of food scattered through out the dirt that surrounded her, but even in this condition Clara's tail was non stop when people would just look at her.
   Karen returned to the mk9 tent and informed the rest of the group on what she saw at another rescues tent.
   We approached the rescue asking a bit about Clara. We ask how long they had her and they said "4 months". We asked if she has been to a vet and why was she so thin for being with them for so long. The girl (the owners daughter) told Chelle, "yes she's been to a vet and she just doesnt like the food we give her & she won't eat". Then when asked again when the last vet visit was and she replied "I can't remember"
We asked for nail cutters to cut her nails, we were told "they cant be cut because they break to easily and will bleed".
   No nail cutters were found so we asked if she could spend the day with us, she was handed over with no questions asked. We took her to a grooming tent that was at the event. They cut her nails without a sound or movement from Clara, no blood or breakage from cutting the nails either.
After the nails were cut we grabbed some Shampoo and found a hose. Took over 40 minutes and 1/2 a shampoo bottle later to get her clean!
   After spending more time with Clara, seeing the sores on her paws and just how skinny she was, we all had a sit down and came up with a plan to bring Clara into our program. We don't have any available fosters at this time so Karen & Bill offered to be a temporary foster until she is fully vetted and back to good health. We will be needing a foster for Clara once she is ready to start her journey (keep an eye out for postings). So we approached the rescue again and asked them to sign a release form so Clara can come with us into our program, they did sign her over!
   There is more to this that we will get into a bit later...
   On a side note we come to find that Clara has been with this rescue since November of 2011 and has had one litter of puppies that we know of (age 5 months old at current date). Clara is still not spayed and they had no records they could give us at the time for her.
   Clara is off to our vet Thursday (06.14.12) 
   We could really use the help getting this girl back on track. If you can donate to Clara's vet care please Call or send a check directly to our vet. We would very much appreciate any help we can get for this girl.
Creekside Animal Hospital
(570) 298-0800
6490 Sr 309, Tunkhannock, PA 18657
When you call please make sure to tell them, "This is a donation for Modified k9's new addition" They open a little after 9am Monday - Friday
Clara's, vetting will include:

  • -Heartworm test
  • -Lymes test
  • -All necessary vaccines that she may need
  • -Spay
  • -Parasite test
  • -Microchip.. and anything else she may need at this time.

Thank you everyone for taking the time to read, share & donate. The last thing we expected was to rescue a pup from a "rescue". Clara's condition is UNACCEPTABLE for a group to have her as long at they did! 
UPDATE 06-12-12 
Clara was taken to the vet earlier then what the doc had planned! Clara wasn't breathing properly and it concerned us greatly. So doc made some time in between surgeries to look at Clara.
Today Doc did blood work & a chest x ray.
The bad news:
Clara has an enlarged heart & lungs
Clara is heart worm positive. Doc allowed us to see a slide of the blood sample and the worms are everywhere :(
Doc started Clara on 2 forms of meds and heartworm prevention to try n stop any new worms from appearing.
We still need to do a fecal exam, a lymes exam and more blood work. Doc is holding off on her vaccines and the spay due the meds she is on now.
The good news:
We are not giving up on this girl!
The news that needs to be shared:
We at Modified k9 are NOT happy with the way Recycled Paws (Recycled Paws Rescue Birdsall) in Albany Post Road, Montrose, NY. cares for the animals they are supposedly "rescuing" !! The condition Clara was in when we came across her at this weekends event was appalling! This rescue needs to reevaluate the way they care for the lives they take on!
Heartworm can take a dogs life.
Clara still has many vets visits ahead of her.
And she is far from being "ok".
We want to thank all that have donated to Clara so far. We recieved $150 in donations. Today's vet bill came to $138 and we still have a long ways to go.If you can help us help Clara by donating please make all donations directly to:
Creekside Animal Hospital
(570) 298-0800
6490 Sr 309, Tunkhannock, PA 18657
(let them know its for modified k9 rescue dogs - Clara)
please share. 
Gray or Lime
Regular T's & Fringe T's 
A portion of proceeds will be DONATED to Modified k9 for Clara's vet bill  Clara's story is posted on my page & we will continue to share her updates. 
Regular T's are $18.00 
Fringe T's are $20.00 
If interested in a shirt please Message me your email, color, size, shirt style & I will send you a Paypal invoice- 
*Cross Posting Saves Lives!* Wear a Great message

Tuesday, May 15, 2012


Sometimes one has to sit back and wonder if what they are doing is what they originally intended to do. That is what I find myself doing right now. Over a year ago I was excited and up for what I thought would be a great challenge. Applying to write for the an online website. It seemed like a wonderful idea. Perhaps at the time it was. Maybe it still is. However, right now I am finding myself in a frustrated rut. One likes to feel appreciated, that's nature. Who doesn't want that feeling for accomplishment, pride in one's self, all those things that urge you to keep going? Those things that tell you what you're doing is right. What you're doing is making a difference. No this is not me having a pity party. Though I'd probably be entitled to just a small one at this point. I'm having one of those moments where I've got to sit back evaluate the current situation and decide what the next step will be. My theory in life is if it makes you happy you should do it. When it stops making you feel happy that just might be a sign that it's no longer worth doing.

Don't get me wrong I will always love writing. It's been a passion of mine since I was a child. For years I'd write novels that never really had an ending and probably to most they didn't have a plot. They kept me sane through dark times. My characters were my friends. At a time when my friends were few and far between. Then I began another passion a few years ago. Anyone that knows me knows that passion is - Pit Bulls. Yes I'm a newbie when it comes to the ways of the Pit Bull, the plight of being a lover of the Pit Bull. The other thing besides writing that has followed me all my life perhaps even longer then the writing is my stubborn and passionate nature. Maybe that's why I love the Pit Bull so much. I can see some of the traits in myself. When I finally combined my two passions with a touch of stubborn I became a writer for Pit Bulls. Hence how I got my start writing for a local title on the website. Then after awhile I wanted to branch out. I begged and pleaded for a national title. At first I was blown off so I gave it some time. I kept writing local and tried to prove to anyone that would pay attention that I was serious. Finally my Pit Bull stubborn attitude wore them down and I got the coveted title. Not only was I writing about my passion I had two locales to do so. Problem with writing for the website based news source is the fact that they have a set way of doing things. The other problem with them is though there's a set way there's always some 'wonderful' new way of doing things that comes up. They totally hype up the new way and then quickly scrap it for another way. Always leaving this writer and maybe countless others wondering what is expected, how do we please them, and when are we going to be taken seriously.

I've had a few hiccups and bumps through the process and almost gave in to the pressure and walked away. Then again I am not usually a quitter and often it takes a lot to push me away. Though I am stubborn I'm sensitive. Sometimes I don't take things the way they're intended or sometimes I over think something. Whatever the case, I can't give up. The dogs need me to be there for them, and I need to be there for them. Together we need to prove to the world what they're missing if they have not met a Pit Bull. Show people what it is to be loved by one. Show the entire world that deep down a Pit Bull is just a dog (but don't tell them that) and an amazing one at that (they know that already). Pit Bulls need our voices they need someone to fight for them.

Where does all this lead? Not a very easy answer. I'm going to have to do some thinking and decide if I can take the constant issues. I'm tired of feeling like I'm not reaching the masses, not being appreciated for what I bring to the company, and I'm tired of feeling this way. This is after all something I'm passionate about and something that I truly love to do. Maybe it's something I need to continue to do but somewhere else...

No matter what my decision - stay or go - one thing is for sure. I will not give up my passion for Pit Bulls and writing about them. I'll focus my passions where they can do the most good. I'll spread my wings and find other ways to promote and get my points across. There's other forums out there, other avenues not taken, other mountains not climbed. I may step down from this particular project in the near future but it's only the end of a chapter not the end of the book. The book is not written, it's not complete and I will write. 

For now my writings will be posted here where they were originally. My sanctuary, my rules, my opinions, my love, my passion... Stay tuned.

Thursday, March 29, 2012

Adore-a-bull story

This is a wonderful story. I will admit I almost didn't have dry eyes when I was reading it. The little girl 'reading' to the Pit Bull really got to me. So touching and wonderful. On the other hand the entire story is slightly bittersweet just knowing how many other dogs that are out there that die every single day - Pit Bulls - they could could be lucky like 'Beans.' They could and should have loving families too. They could and should be given the chance to help others.

Here's the touching story of 'Beans'...

Think about it... That makes sense

Owning a Pit Bull

- Original author unknown to me.

Saturday, February 4, 2012

Pit Bull pride

Yesterday I witnessed what the power of facebook can do. I joked that it can be used for the power of good or evil. Also I made mention that in this particular case it was used for good. It's unlikely anyone in the Pit Bull world (and many that aren't) are not aware of what has gone down in the last day or so. In case though anyone has missed it I'll give you all a quick recap with out all the needless ramblings and drama.

McDonald's (yes that's right the one and only) decided to release a radio ad that ended up being a major bad idea on their part. In this they were trying to advertise their new McBites. Apparently after recent public relations nightmares about their current nuggets (no doubt thanks mainly to the wonderful world wide web) they felt the need to be 'creative'. In that need like most that find themselves desperate for a way out or a scapegoat they found one. Sure they probably thought it was a tongue in cheek ad campaign, one that people would find amusing. One group in particular did not find the humor in this said ad. Instead they spread it like wildfire and within a matter of perhaps minutes it went viral. The topic flooded the walls. Why was this frenzy taking place? Simple really. One little word. Yes that's right one little word. 'Pit Bull' (then again that's probably considered two words) In the ad they compared things that were risky. They made a point of saying that trying their new nuggets was less risky then 'petting a stray pit bull'. (All they needed to do is replace the sentence with the word dog - not target a specific type of dog.) To say Pit Bull owners, lovers, and advocates were upset is probably the understatement of the century. Soon as the information about this went viral McDonald's phones were ringing off the hooks. Within only a few hours the phone lines were tied up to the point that there was 'technical difficulties.' (Ya think!?)

By the end of the day McDonald's had issued their Public Relations apology. Unfortunately for them I'd say the nightmare had just begun and it was a little too late. After all there's an ongoing mantra among us Pit Bull lovers - you should be more worried about us then our dogs. That rang true all night long and into the next day. Pit Bull pages, rescue groups, owners, fans, friends (you get the idea) got together and showed just how they felt about the situation.

The famous Pit Bull rescue and advocacy group BAD RAP made it a project for all of us to get together and show just how we felt. Pictures were taken of our 'stray Pit Bulls' and just what our dogs (and we thought) of the advertisement that aired. It was amazing to see the outpouring of love and a feel of being united against a common enemy. Pit Bull Pride for sure.

What happens after this? Looks like it's in McDonald's court now. Many are talking boycotting. Others are talking of using this as a step up in the right direction and having McDonald's repay what they did to us by joining us. They want McDonald's to help promote the breed. After all what better opportunity? You have a name that everyone knows. They have many connections and outlets. However, many don't feel that they'll take the proverbial ball and run with it. Guess we give it time and see what comes of this entire situation.  

Until then we can be happy and pet our stray Pit Bulls and know that by combining forces we showed just how much Pit Bull Pride we have.

Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Had me at woof

As the year anniversary of when I first saw (and fell in love with) my Tango approaches I can't help but reflect. It's hard to believe that it's been that long. Seems only yesterday that I saw his adore-a-bull shelter pictures on facebook. Now he's a crazy, silly, loving, loyal (the list goes on) big boy that we can't imagine being without.

If anyone were to tell me a few years ago that I would be the proud owner of a Pit Bull (mix or otherwise) I don't know what my reaction might have been. This passion for the Pibbles is still kind of new to me. It's only been a few year that I have come to love them. Not that I hated them before. Honestly really never gave them much thought either way. Now can't imagine ever not having them in my life. In fact I hope to have more someday.

Until then Tango will be our one and only Pibble. He is definitely a good choice for a new Pit Bull owner. He's an amazing dog. Unbelievable how smart and eager to learn and please he is. I've only been blessed with a few dogs in my life. Variety of breeds have caught my attention and I've even had a few. I love(d) them all. Each holds a special place. Though I really don't seeing me not having at least one Pit Bull in my pack. Anyone that hasn't experienced the love of this outstanding dog is sadly lacking. Don't get me wrong I love my Labbie and my Chi (of course) but it seems there's just something about the big headed, big tongue, goofy smile loving nature of a Pit Bull. (Yes for those Anti-Pit Bull people I did just say that.)

What else can I say but apparently Tango had me at... woof...

Proud to love a Pit Bull

Fightin' dog words

I'm just a dog

Update long overdue

Seems I am way behind in updating or writing in here. Perhaps it's because life has a way of getting in the way of things we want to do. How dare it!?

Anyway, lets see if we can't do some type of quick update and recap since the last time anything was published here.

Last time I had posted another chipin (in December) because of our sudden need to relocate. Yes after having moved in September it became apparent quite quickly that another move was in our immediate future. One that wasn't really in our control this time. One we didn't want to have to endure so soon. However, so far it seems that it was probably for the best all around after all was said and done. (Or rather not said and not done in this case.) All I can say is I hope karma is something our former landlord and his poor excuse for a management company get a visit from sooner then later. It was quite an ordeal trying to find another place that not only fit our very low price range but would allow us to keep our critters. Giving up anymore was not up for consideration. Despite what many said or thought we were not going to give away anymore. Already in such a short time we had given up so much. As for the three dogs in no way shape or form was I willing to even think of parting with them.

Of course anyone that has ever tried to find a rental that owns pets knows it's next to impossible to find one. Then you add that to the fact that not only did I have a dog but three. Then we had the itty bitty issue of what types of dogs we had. No not the tiny little easy to hide accepted in most places types of dogs. Pepe is the only one that fits the description. Try inquiring on places that claim they allow dogs (but don't give their specifics in the ad so waste everyone's time) then you tell them you have three and that two are big dogs. Kind of hard to sell anyone on the fact we have a Lab and get them to agree. The only thing in our favor with that is she does have a doctor's note that she's my "companion" dog. Okay so you get them to agree to those two BUT trust me you won't sell them on a Pit Mix. So going against everything you believe in, advocate for, fight for, and just plain detest you "lie". Perhaps it's not truly a real lie. After all we don't really know exactly what makes up our beautiful boy. I did do it though because I was too stubborn and determined not to keep all my babies. For all intents and purposes Tango was labeled a Lab Mix. Only one asked to see his picture and did make a comment that he looked pit. Claimed it wasn't a problem. Interesting though we lost touch for a bit though. Irony of all ironies she calls me the day I am applying for what would become our new apartment. (Telling me in a voice mail she didn't currently have anything in our price range - hmmm then you better update your Craig's List ads.)

Long story short thanks to a tip I got from another Pit Mix owner we did find something. It wasn't our ideal place as far as what we were looking or originally hoped to find. (Third floor, no w&d, no tub, and it seemed small) However, the person we dealt with was very nice and didn't care that we had dogs or what they were. All he asked was how many. I never even had to tell him the breed/type/size or anything. I told him I had two larger ones and a small Chihuahua. The conversation didn't get further. He just wanted to make sure they wouldn't bother the neighbor's with barking. I assured him (as did my mother who looked at the place first) that they only bark when someone shows up. What you want a dog to do.

Somehow we had lucked out. We decided the pros outweighed the cons. Yes it was a long tedious process but it meant our family got to remain together. Everything that I had been fighting for since deciding to sell our mobile home and move was for a reason. I refused to give up, back down, or even consider any other way. (Hmmm sounds very Pit Bull of me doesn't it!?) There was no way, after I rescued my Pit Bull Mix from a high kill shelter last year and promised him that he'd have a forever home that I was going to let him down.

During all the madness the one thing that never wavered and the one thing that Scott and I were at one hundred percent agreement on was - the dogs (all three) we not going anywhere. They were staying with us. (As I type this Tango is laying behind me chewing his bone filled with peanut butter, Pepe is laying on his bed on my computer desk sleeping, and Jenna has put herself to bed in her kennel in our bedroom. I'd say that makes all the stress, drama, tears, and long nights worth it. Wouldn't you!? After all I love my Pit Bull (and the rest of our babies)