Sunday, July 24, 2011

Sometimes the worse things must be faced

Passion For Pibbles originally started as a blog. What better way to share my love for these wonderful dogs then to write about them? A variety of pictures, stories, articles, links and videos are also showcased.

Recently I took this concept a step further and created a face book group by the same name.  I wanted to give other pro pittie fans a safe place to share their passions. We share pictures, stories, links, videos, articles, advice. I have found it to be an amazing experience.

However, I was recently thrown a little when someone made this comment on the group’s page.  “man this site is more sad and depressing! I thought it celebrated the breed not showcase a lot of ignorant humans!”

Without a moment’s hesitation I replied.

“I apologize for you feeling that way... The sad reality is it is sad and depressing and there are ignorant humans... With good comes bad that's why we must take notice of it all... I don't post things that are anti pit and I try not post any anti pit news... However, when I see something I feel is important then I share it... As always people have the option of not looking or reading the posts... I try to get a variety... Everyone is welcome to share and I have encouraged that... I've also said anyone can share their own pits and pix and stories... It's a place for us to be together and share the ups and downs seek advice and learn the good and bad about society's views on our beloved dog... I am sorry if I upset people but my motto is if they don't like it they don't have to look sadly tho it doesn't make it go away... Sometimes the worse things and the toughest things must be faced in order to make it all turn out well... Hope that makes sense... Also hope no one leaves over such posts... That was not my intentions... I wanted a place where we can post things that perhaps our other fb friends on our pages don't wanna see or read or deal with... I have been asked before why I post all the pit bulls... My honest true to the point instant reply was --- Because I'm passionate about pits... Hence how the name for both the group and the blog evolved…”

Even though I replied with the first thoughts that came to mind it still bothered me a little. It reminded me that perhaps we need to remind everyone the importance of educating everyone of the real horrors and tragedies that our beloved Pit Bulls endure. I guess you could that’s why I have been inspired to tackle this topic further.

Stay tuned…

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