Saturday, June 16, 2012

Haters gonna hate

When I started this blog it was my intention to be mainly about my Passion For Pibbles. Hence that is the name of the blog after all.  However, after the incident that I endured tonight I found the need to write this. I apologize if it's off topic a bit. Though it's still Pit Bull related.
Tonight not only was a good friend of mine openly bashed, slandered, accused of of things she hasn't done I was also attacked. This person doesn't have one shred of proof. She'll rant and rave. She'll go on about how she has proof yet all she does is share outdated articles that have absolutely nothing to do with the points she is trying to make with her attacks. Then just because I wouldn't fall for her antics she decided to keep rambling on and on. When I still wouldn't listen to her lies and drama she turned on. Not only did she tell me to 'beware' (sounds like a threat to me) but she also accused me of taking money that my friendly supposedly got scamming manner. Yes that's right the most honest person you'll meet supposedly has a scam going on. Yes the person that stands up for Pit Bulls each day and tries to help when and where I can. Apparently I'm taking money that I know is being stole from others in a scam. Since when did writing about a fundraiser for a dog in need make me the guilty party? She acts like it's some thing that we have going on. Well I hate it to break it to you woman but we (among several others) are only trying to help raise funds for a dog that was in the care of a 'rescue.'

If you want to attack and go after a scam artist go after the people that allowed this beautiful dog to get so bad. The rescue that now has her in their care can use all the help they can get to nurse this dog back to health. Instead of accusing those of us trying to help reach a goal focus your time and energy on the ones truly doing wrong. For your information I have not and will not make one dime off this. Get your facts straight before you start accusing. Get your 'proof' in something besides a bunch of outdated links and people you claim will tell me whatever you pretend is the truth.

If there's truly a lawsuit or investigation then you shouldn't even be talking about it, especially on the internet. Another point that should be made is just because it's the internet doesn't mean that it's still not harassment, slander, and drama that's uncalled for. Cyber bullying has become quite a big deal lately. I'd suggest that you take that into consideration. Whatever issues you have with my friends you need to take it up in private. You need not to include every single person they do or do not know online. There's plenty of sheep out there that will follow the word of someone they think knows what they're talking about. Sorry but I am not a sheep. I'm not one to listen to another's bad mouthing of someone. I give everyone a chance to prove their own merit. Until I have reason not to trust you then you're all on the same playing field. Unlike my Pit Bull and the Pit Bulls you HATE (yes I know all about the hate you have towards our dogs) I do not forgive easily.

Let it be known this will be the last of this entire situation. Anything else gets said or done towards me on this topic then I'll be contacting some people and having a report started. I've got all the proof I need of your slander and bullying. I'd suggest you move on and work on this hate you have for your family and anyone that associates with them. Really life is too short to waste time on this drama.

Personally I don't have time to babysit my blog, defend my friends, defend myself, and do rescue work all at the same time. I've dealt with enough hates within my Passion For Pibble group. Haters and drama seekers that are no longer with us. The time I waste dealing with anti Pit Bull people and those with some twisted agenda pulls me away from the things I need to do.

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