Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Dog Health - Nutrition


Bone growth
Tissue healing
Daily body tissue replacement
Not stored in body tissues needs daily replenishing
Most digestible found in meat
Too much indigestible (vegs) causes colic and diarrhea.


Healthy skin & coat
Shiny coat
Adds to taste; encourages eating
Too much: weight and health issues
Too little: dry itchy dull coat, dandruff, ear infections, sensitive to temperature changes


A – Fat absorption, promotes good sight, glossy and healthy coat, normal growth and reproduction.
B – Important for skin, appetite, growth, eyes, coat, protects nervous system, aids metabolism.
D – Essential for good muscle tone, healthy teeth and bones.
E – Proper muscle function, internal and reproductive organs, all cell functions.
C & K – Synthesized within body; not usually listed.


Calcium & Phosphorus – Correct ratio works together to prevent bone deformities, rickets, aides in tooth formation, muscles, lactation in nursing dogs.
Potassium – contributes to healthy nerves and muscles, normal growth.
Iron – healthy blood.
Zinc – promotes healthy skin.
Iodine – prevents enlarged thyroid (goiters).
Cobalt – aids in normal growth, keeps reproductive tract healthy.
Magnesium – synthesis proteins, prevents nervous system problems and convulsions.
Sodium & chlorine – helps maintain normal activity level and appetite.

Disclaimer – In no way am I claiming to be an expert on these topics. These are only informational articles written to help dog owners. It’s recommended that you always do your own research and consult with your veterinarian for more detailed information. (01-26-13)

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