Thursday, May 2, 2013

Pit Bull only programs

Today there was a question brought up in regards to a post that I shared. Honestly never really thought about the reasoning. Perhaps it’s because I have seen just how over crowded these shelters are with our beloved Pit Bull and Pit Bull mixes. (The average person may not be aware of the staggering statistics.) Someone wanted to know why there always seems to be programs out there to help get them spayed/neutered for low cost or even sometimes free. Why are they the only type of dog that seems to have these programs?

Simple answer is this – there is by far more Pits and Pit mixes in the shelters (and in homes) than probably any other dog breed/type at this time. The other dog that comes close (especially in the California shelters) is the Chihuahua. Sadly many get these dogs because it’s a fad at the time. Perhaps they see that cute little Chi movie and think that’s the breed for them. Or someone falls for the stereotype and thinks they will make a cool looking thug wannabe if they get a pit bull. Sadly many of these dogs get dumped after the novelty wears off, some are overbred to meet the demands of said fad. Not only do the offspring often end up in shelters but once their parents have served their purpose they too are dumped.  These situations are why we have so many issues within the shelters and rescues all over.

The way the animal community (shelters, rescues, donors, charities, etc) are trying to combat this never ending problem is to initiate programs for everyone (not just low income families) to be able to be the responsible pit bull owner and get their pits fixed. As many know there are several beneficial reasons for having your dogs sterilized.

Besides, let’s face it too many dogs (especially pits) in this word are looking for a home. 

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