Friday, March 20, 2015

Dog Health – APBT For You?


This is just a general overview. It’s important to remember - no matter the breed or type - every dog is an individual. (Just like humans.) Not all dogs will conform to what’s typical. Each dog (and human) should be judged on its own merit. The information collected and shared within these documents merely gives an owner (or potential owner) the basics. Only you know what will or will not work for you and your family. The important thing is to make the best match of dog and owner as possible no matter what type or breed.


·         Has understanding of the APBT
·         Able (and willing) to comply with APBT demands
·         Not concerned about the ‘image’
·         Regular routine
·         Willing to make possibly 15 yr commitment
·         Return dog’s devotion
·         Want companionship
·         APBT fits your lifestyle
·         No major life changes
·         Enjoys exercise that APBT demand (long walks)
·         Understands the APBT reputation (improve it)
·         Someone home most of the time
·         Adult family (with or without children)
·         Older children (14+)*
·         Home can be large, small, even apartment
·         Family can be large or small
·         Country home or city
·         Preferably fenced yard (or secure dog area)

*Some younger children (especially with dog experience) may be suitable for APBT. It largely depends on the child and the dog. As with any children (no matter the age) they should always be supervised with a dog (no matter the breed, type, or age of dog).


·         Wants the ‘tough guy’ image
·         Young person that’ll be too busy for dog
·         Especially too busy as dog gets older
·         Has children after dog is grown*
·         Work and leave dog home alone long hours**

*APBT love children. However, when a new member (baby) is sometimes introduced the dog doesn’t relate to it as a ‘member of the family.’ This can set the dog up to fail. Again, each dog and situation varies.

**Dogs (no matter the breed, type, or age) may not be suitable for your current lifestyle.

Disclaimer – In no way am I claiming to be an expert on these topics. These are only informational articles written to help dog owners. It’s recommended that you always do your own research and consult with your veterinarian for more detailed information. 

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