Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Update long overdue

Seems I am way behind in updating or writing in here. Perhaps it's because life has a way of getting in the way of things we want to do. How dare it!?

Anyway, lets see if we can't do some type of quick update and recap since the last time anything was published here.

Last time I had posted another chipin (in December) because of our sudden need to relocate. Yes after having moved in September it became apparent quite quickly that another move was in our immediate future. One that wasn't really in our control this time. One we didn't want to have to endure so soon. However, so far it seems that it was probably for the best all around after all was said and done. (Or rather not said and not done in this case.) All I can say is I hope karma is something our former landlord and his poor excuse for a management company get a visit from sooner then later. It was quite an ordeal trying to find another place that not only fit our very low price range but would allow us to keep our critters. Giving up anymore was not up for consideration. Despite what many said or thought we were not going to give away anymore. Already in such a short time we had given up so much. As for the three dogs in no way shape or form was I willing to even think of parting with them.

Of course anyone that has ever tried to find a rental that owns pets knows it's next to impossible to find one. Then you add that to the fact that not only did I have a dog but three. Then we had the itty bitty issue of what types of dogs we had. No not the tiny little easy to hide accepted in most places types of dogs. Pepe is the only one that fits the description. Try inquiring on places that claim they allow dogs (but don't give their specifics in the ad so waste everyone's time) then you tell them you have three and that two are big dogs. Kind of hard to sell anyone on the fact we have a Lab and get them to agree. The only thing in our favor with that is she does have a doctor's note that she's my "companion" dog. Okay so you get them to agree to those two BUT trust me you won't sell them on a Pit Mix. So going against everything you believe in, advocate for, fight for, and just plain detest you "lie". Perhaps it's not truly a real lie. After all we don't really know exactly what makes up our beautiful boy. I did do it though because I was too stubborn and determined not to keep all my babies. For all intents and purposes Tango was labeled a Lab Mix. Only one asked to see his picture and did make a comment that he looked pit. Claimed it wasn't a problem. Interesting though we lost touch for a bit though. Irony of all ironies she calls me the day I am applying for what would become our new apartment. (Telling me in a voice mail she didn't currently have anything in our price range - hmmm then you better update your Craig's List ads.)

Long story short thanks to a tip I got from another Pit Mix owner we did find something. It wasn't our ideal place as far as what we were looking or originally hoped to find. (Third floor, no w&d, no tub, and it seemed small) However, the person we dealt with was very nice and didn't care that we had dogs or what they were. All he asked was how many. I never even had to tell him the breed/type/size or anything. I told him I had two larger ones and a small Chihuahua. The conversation didn't get further. He just wanted to make sure they wouldn't bother the neighbor's with barking. I assured him (as did my mother who looked at the place first) that they only bark when someone shows up. What you want a dog to do.

Somehow we had lucked out. We decided the pros outweighed the cons. Yes it was a long tedious process but it meant our family got to remain together. Everything that I had been fighting for since deciding to sell our mobile home and move was for a reason. I refused to give up, back down, or even consider any other way. (Hmmm sounds very Pit Bull of me doesn't it!?) There was no way, after I rescued my Pit Bull Mix from a high kill shelter last year and promised him that he'd have a forever home that I was going to let him down.

During all the madness the one thing that never wavered and the one thing that Scott and I were at one hundred percent agreement on was - the dogs (all three) we not going anywhere. They were staying with us. (As I type this Tango is laying behind me chewing his bone filled with peanut butter, Pepe is laying on his bed on my computer desk sleeping, and Jenna has put herself to bed in her kennel in our bedroom. I'd say that makes all the stress, drama, tears, and long nights worth it. Wouldn't you!? After all I love my Pit Bull (and the rest of our babies)

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