Saturday, April 23, 2011

Don’t Let Me Die

Please don’t believe what you hear.
They have made me a poster dog and instilled this fear.
I may be big, and I may be strong,
But I have done nothing wrong.
A vicious cycle, I wish I were never born,
Into the hands of a monster, now my heart’s been torn.
They threw me in the pit, I could hear the people cheer.
Blood on the walls, no fight in me…Just fear.
I am of no value now, they tossed me aside.
As I lay bleeding, I have no place to hide.
And now I am taken to a grey, scary place.
I am cut and wounded from my tail to my face.
Here I lay alone, on this cold cement floor,
Waiting for my chance, to get out the door.
I only have a day or two, before I am put to death,
A day or two more, till I breathe my last breath.
But I haven’t had the chance to show you…I’m a good boy.
I never had a treat, I never had a toy.
I am a Pit Bull, It doesn’t mean that I will bite.
It doesn’t mean I am a devil, It doesn’t mean I want to fight.
Look into my eyes once as you pass me by.
Can you really see a killer?…Come on, don’t lie.
You know you see something, A soulful sadness in my eye.
Please take me out of here, Please…don’t let me die.

- Author Unknown To Me -

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