Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Traits & Tidbits

  • Their social friendly loyal demeanor makes them great family dogs.  They are especially loyal and loving towards children,  Years ago they were known as “nanny dogs.“  A perfect example of this would be the famous Pit Bull that followed the Little Rascals around.  
  • Not usually prone to shyness, instability,  or human aggression.
  • They’re a very active breed that requires daily exercise.  Their active drive and ability to train easily makes them a great companion for anyone that enjoys outdoor fun.  Walking, hiking, jogging, agility, weigh pull, fly ball, water  sports or even fetch.  This helps burn off their energy. 
  • When they’re not properly stimulated or exercised they will find other means of entertainment.  They often cure their boredom by becoming destructive towards your furniture or other precious items around the house.
  • Might be or become dog aggressive over time especially to dogs of the same gender.  Or sometimes they prefer to choose who they spend time with.  (Don’t we all?)  
  • This breed is usually healthy and not often prone to many genetic diseases.  Making their lifespan about 12 or more years.  

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