Saturday, April 23, 2011

The One

They put me in a cage, they fight me in a pit.
They say I’m a vicious, so…alone I sit.
No walks in the park, no fetching a ball,
No children to love me, so I stare at the wall.
There’s not much else to look at in a world of concrete floors.
If only a family would stop at my door, I would tell them…
“Don’t judge me by what you’ve seen on tv.
This could be my last chance, this could be the end,
Please, won’t you give me one more look, friend?”
The lady in red takes me to a room and I pray they’ve come back
But I feel the needle and all fades to black.
They say I could never be trusted, it was all for the best.
“Why even bother? He’ll never pass the test.”
Now it’s all over, all has been said and done.
But with a little love, kindness and patience…
I could have been the one.

- Author Unknown To Me -

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