Sunday, May 29, 2011

Dog parks

Something to think about: 

There’s mixed views on dog parks in general. Many find these places as a great way to socialize and exercise your dog. However, others see these environments as a potentially dangerous place. Remember dog parks can be a breeding ground for issues that could otherwise be avoided. Not all dogs like to play well with others. There’s also a higher risk of dog bites, fights and even sickness.

Another reason dog parks are often shunned by experts and Pit Bull owners is the sad reality - not everyone is Pit Bull friendly. There are people who don’t want a “bully breed” around them, their dogs, kids, or families in general.

You must be prepared to deal with a possible negative response if you do bring your Pit Bull in a public place. Remember to always be professional and polite. Don’t allow their lack of understanding put you in a defensive mood. If you handle it with a calm cool manner some may actually be receptive to it. Who knows you may even change a few minds. However, there’s always going to be others that won’t be bothered with giving you or your dog a chance. No matter the reaction remember you have to be an ambassador of the breed.

These are just words of caution and reminders. Don’t let this scare you off from trying public places such as dog parks. Just be cautious, responsible, and smart about the situation. Only you know what you and your dog can tolerate.

Note - It’s recommended that your dog has their vaccinations up to date. Also it may even be a good idea to carry proof with you wherever you go.  It’s always best to be prepared.

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