Monday, May 16, 2011

Fighting the Fighting

Yesterday it was brought to my attention that there is at least one Facebook page promoting the fighting of American Pit Bull Terriers and the Staffordshire Terrier. I, and numerous others have found such outrage and disgust at the thought that people are STILL promoting this horrendous practice.

The page I viewed, the lady running it claims she is an "artist" and sees it as an "art". I see it as abuse, cruelty, barbarity and the furthest form of art as it can be.

I have three APBT's and they do have their little arguements and immediately I put an end to the disagreement just as I would if it were children in the house. I in no way would promote kids fighting, knashing of teeth and biting and I don't allow it in my little household animal kingdom. Anyone with an ounce of humanity and intelligence would stop such behavior whether it be human or animal.

If the owner of this facebook page finds the barbarity of dog fighting as an art, then she is definitely living in the ancient ages and has never caught up with civilization. At one time, men were tossed into pits with lions while crowds cheered. I bet if she were in the audience, she'd cheer the loudest and find it artwork watching a man die viciously by a wild animal.

I understand people have different aspects of what is art, but anything having to do with the death, maiming and injury of another, be it animal or human is not artwork. It is cruelty and abuse and should be punishable to the fullest by law.

It was mentioned to me that it is possible that the person who made the Facebook page is not from the United States. That may be true, but dog fighting is illegal in many, many countries and therefore, Interpol has authority. Therefore, since Facebook is based in the United States, I did report the page, hoping to get it pulled and I also went ahead and reported it to Interpol.

If you have ever wondered why and how intentional dog fighting is wrong, let me enlighten you to a few things. You can teach a dog to sit, beg, heel, fetch, etc. but you can not teach a dog to think about consequences to his actions. They think on instinct and behavior taught to them. If you teach them not to get in the trash, they will learn to leave the trash alone to please you. If you teach them to fight, they will learn fighting is what pleases you.

Fighting dogs are treated and "prepared" much differently than your pooch on the sofa. Many times, their teeth are "shaved" into points, as well as their nails to inflict more damage to the "opponent". They are pumped full of steroids, they are "trained" on treadmills for hours for muscle bulk and endurance. They are "trained" with regular dogs called "bait dogs" to learn and practice, like a human boxer is placed in the ring to spar with another human, but unlike humans, the dogs don't stop short of injury. Injury and death is promoted and praised. The bait dog is discarded like trash, many times left to roam with horrid untreated injuries.

Dogs used for fighting don't go to the vet regularly. More often than not, they get "home treatments" for any injury they may receive. Cuts and lacerations anre sewed up by the owner or a make shift vet that is "in" on the fighting lifestyle. Rarely are they given anything for pain, especially since many of the humans who fight dogs STILL believe that animals can not feel pain, especially Pit Bulls. If one's dog is injured too badly or looses a fight, it is often bashed in the head, hung, beaten to death or near death, and discarded like a piece of trash.

Is this humane? Is this "artwork"? This is uncivilized barbarism. If you happen to see anywhere online someone promoting dog fighting, keep in mind, in most places it is illegal. Report the page to the proper authorities. If it is outside of the US, report it to Interpol. You can do that HERE.


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