Monday, May 23, 2011


Using baby gates may be very beneficial for your multi Pibble family, There’s a variety of places these easy to install and durable gates can be found. A cheap alternative getting them second hand or though garage sales.

Step 1 - Each dog will need to be individually trained. They will need to learn that they must respect the gate. Therefore do not allow them to push, chew, or jump over the gate. Also do not allow them to put their paws on it.

Step 2 - The dogs must learn that they are to stop and wait at the gate. This concept can be taught by using treats or food. Also incorporate a signal of some kind. When the dog has done this you can open the gate. This will be the reward for waiting. Each time they’re at the gate make sure they ask permission to enter. Make sure they know that if they nudge or push at the gate they will be forced to go back onto the other side again. Once they are back in a sit/stay position or have acknowledged the signal they may go through the gate again.  Never allow them to bark or whine to get their way. They must be quiet and obey you before they are rewarded with entry.

Step 3 - Make sure the gates are in place before the dogs are allowed into their “free range” areas.

Step 4 - Always make sure any “trigger” items aren’t around that may cause issues. It won’t matter if there’s a gate if a dog covets an item on the other side. Items such as food, toys, and especially bones can be too tempting and cause issues.

Adding the gate concept to your crate and rotateschedule allows dogs some “free range” time. However, remember to never use gates as a means of separating dogs when you can’t supervise. Don’t put it past them to find a way to jump over or knock the gate down. It won’t matter how durable a gate is if you have a persistent Pibble intent on chewing their way to the other side.

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