Sunday, May 29, 2011

Rescue groups

There’s several different types of rescue groups right here in Maine.  Some specialize in one breed.  Others accept all breeds and mixes.  These rescues are a small group of dedicated dog lovers.  They rely on a network of foster homes where the dogs live.  Therefore, there’s no specific location where the dogs can be seen.  Many rescue groups do participate in adoption events where you can see some of the adoptable dogs.  Some have you make an appointment with either a rescue group volunteer or the dog’s foster.

Foster homes are very important.  The families are able to evaluate the dogs in a home setting.  By having this precious “hands on” approach they are able to work on any health, behavior, training or social needs.  Working with a dog in this setting helps prepare it for it’s new home.

The rescue has usually covered all the dog’s health needs including any medications, vaccinations, and treatments.  Also the rescue dogs are spayed and neutered before they’re adopted out.  Unfortunately this often puts a strain on a rescue.  Their adoption fees are often higher then humane societies and shelters for this reason.

Sometimes a downside to working with a rescue group is time.  If you’re in a rush for that perfect dog that may frustrate you.  Sometimes there’s waiting lists.  Many places don’t believe in a “first come first serve“ policy.  They want to take the time to make the right match.  Their goal after all is to find the dog a forever home.

If you’re a private person their process may be uncomfortable.  Lengthy applications, interviews, home visits, and reference checks.  Some rescues have a lot of strict policies and regulations.  Often it’s much like the process of adopting a child.  The thing to remember is this is for the best interest of all parties.

The best way to know if going through a rescue is for you is research.   Ask around and get recommendations.  Inquire and ask questions.  If a rescue isn’t open to answering your questions that may raise a red flag.  You can do searches online for rescues in your area.  A very good source to use when looking to adopt a dog is Petfinder.

Good luck in your search for your new family member.  Remember every Pit Bull that is rescued and given a new homes saves another.  You have helped free up valuable space for another to be pulled into a foster home.  

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